Archive File: VNSA Book Sale

Last year I discovered something that I can’t believe I never knew about, the VNSA Book Sale. I thought I would check it out, there was everything from books, dvds, rare books, all kinds of books and entertainment. I am not a super reader, but there were some books I had in mind that I wanted to try and see if I can find, One of them Jodi Picoult Between the Lines. I had started reading it in the grocery store, and thought it would be faster to finish it if I actually bought it. The YA books such as the Divergent series, Hunger Games, James Patterson books, and The Reached series by Ally Condie. I picked up some Vince Flynn novels, I was into James Patterson and liked how the Vince Flynn books looked so I bought some. I also found the book I was looking for. 

I never read the Vince Flynn Novels, I ended up taking them to Bookmans and got store credit for them, it was totally worth it. I went both days, the second day everything was half off I had some good finds and can’t wait to go back this year and will probably be safer to go one day this time. I loved being there, all the books to go through, finding books you probably wouldn’t have found otherwise or come across. Shuffling through CDs, my favorite part was the entertainment books like this Gone with the Wind book, and some Star Trek Books I found.

To me novels are a fading memory unfortunately, with most people into kindles, tablets, Ipads and reading on mobile devices, I thought the magic of owning actual books was gone. Then I went to this sale and to realize how many people are still into having the actual book made me happy. There was even a line to get in it was nice to see, even though reading on a mobile device is convenient it cannot replace having an actual book, being able to flip through the pages, or quickly refer back to something, and did I mention awesome bookmarks?

People were buying for their own collection, some looked like they were buying for group reading sessions, with multiple books of the same title, I found it a great opportunity to find something completely new. One of my favorite parts was looking at all the cover art.
The VNSA used book sale here in AZ will be held on Valentine’s Day weekend starting the 14th and ending the 15th for more information and location you can  visit their website although right now I am already planning to volunteer at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con and will not be able to attend but wanted to share.

What are some of the books on your to get lists?
Do you have any recommendations/favorites?

Until next time
Watchtower Over and Out.