Mission: Superhero-ify a Vacation Part 1

Superheroes.XYZ is going to Hawaii Care to join??

The Mission That I choose to accept
These guys want to see Hawaii and San Diego in a super kind of way, so I am going to Superhero-ify my trip to Hawaii and take these guys with me.
The Vacation Location: Oahu, Hawaii/San Diego CA.
This upcoming week I am going to Hawaii! I am going to be spending some time with family and soaking in all Hawaii has to offer well part of it anyways. When we are done with Hawaii I will be spending some time in my place of Origin San Diego CA, and enjoying the city life for the brief moment before coming back to my current classified base here in AZ.

The Big Question
I was thinking to myself, I want to share this trip with everyone. It’s a whole different “zen” not everyone gets to go and will have great photo ops. I also wanted some where to share the hundreds of photos I will be taking (ok maybe not that many)  I want to be able to share it with new found nerdy friends I have come across lately since getting more involved in the community of something I have enjoyed for awhile now.

The question at hand remained HOW? How is it going to have any relevance to your blog, Superheroes.XYZ? It will at the time have nothing to do with superheroes, movies, or anything that can be classified in the XYZ for the blog. Just showing off pictures from a tropical island will be nothing of interest to some.
The Idea: How is it relevant?
I was putting away my Funko Pop Joker Batman Figure from my last Fandom Friday post the idea came to me I realized he can go with me! When I was telling my parents about it we came up with he will not want to be alone and will need a friend or two. I did not question buying some more figures and I did while I attended the Amazing Arizona Comic Con Valentine’s weekend. 

The Superheroes 
As much as I tried to stay away from these Funko POP figures I was hooked after receiving one in a subscription box. After deciding to brings him along I am also taking his new found friends.

Captain America: I have really come to like Captain America and Black Widow, while I was looking for these at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con I came across A Black Widow when it was too late, and thought how nice it would be to show some patriotic love everywhere I go.

The Joker Batman-Batman-
Because I could not leave him home buy himself and he is the one that gave me the idea.

Lilo Ok she is not a superhero but she is in the XYZ of Superheroes.XYZ. I love Disney and I love Lilo and Stitch. I had no intention buying a Lilo even though I loved the movie Lilo and Stitch, when I was looking for Captain America I came across her and thought How Perfect!! She is in her little Hawaiian dress with a camera in hand ready for a vacation. I had to buy her.

Stitch Little did I know the next day I would be buying Stitch, I bought him for my sister so with approval they had to go on the trip together!

The Research: What to see, what to do, and some fun facts
While Google-ing things to do or see in Hawaii Superhero and/or Movie related I came across Kualoa Ranch. It is known as Hollywood’s “Hawaii Backlot” where many movies, including Jurassic Park, TV shows and even some Elvis classics were filmed. Am I thinking about planning some sort of trip there? Of course!

A fun fact I stumbled upon Jason Mamoa, who I will always know as Ronan Dex on Stargate Atlantis and whom was recently confirmed as the future Aquaman in the DC Universe Movies, has something in common with my family…. He was born in Hawaii! After this pic posted by Zack Snyder on his Twitter I am officially excited about the Batman vs Superman Movie
Comic Book Shops I wanted to see if the comic book shops would be any different than the ones on the mainland. I also thought it would be cool to say I went to a comic book shop in Hawaii. So far I am pretty sure I will be able to go to one as it does not seem far from the classified base I will be staying at. I would also like to add to my growing collection.

Do you have any ideas, suggestions or photo prompts?

I would love for you all to come with us on this trip you can follow Superheroes.XYZ on Instagram and or Twitter 

I am excited for a super kind of trip to Hawaii

Until next time
Watchtower Over and Out.