Superhero-ify a Vacation Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of Superhero-ifying a Vacation.
Recently I wrote Superhero-ify a Vacation Part 1 as I am going to Hawaii this week and wanted to take some friends along with me and a legitimate reason to share my trip with you all. 

Here are some more ways to Superhero-ify your vacation
The Wardrobe: What to wear and what not to wear.
I am going to be with family most of the time and as much as I love them I don’t think I will be able to get away with Batman, Avengers, Hunger Games, Power Rangers or Captain America t-shirts all week long although there may be a few days I can wear my superhero edition Converse. As coming to this conclusion I was trying to figure out more ways I could subtle-ly pull off representing things I love through my wardrobe. So I started looking at accessories and what not that I use for conventions and how to Everyday Cosplay things up a bit. I bought what I think is a nice blue top for the day all the family will be getting together. Little do they know I saw a bases for an everyday Captain America cosplay,  shhh don’t tell anyone.

The Packing 
My biggest fear of flying is not the plane crashing, the turbulence nor the taking off and landing, which is considered a controlled crash. No my worst fear in flying is losing my luggage. I do not fly often but when I do I worry for my suitcase. In this case I was told I would have to take a smaller suitcase. One that can fit on the plane, the second airline we will be on charges for suitcases that need to be sent to the bottom of the plane. My first thought was how am I suppose to pack for two weeks vacation in a little suitcase like that? I will somehow manage this feat, and I also had to spruce up my luggage a bit so it’s the coolest bag in the airport.

Reading Material
Being on a plane for a good 5-7 hours does not bother me much. I love flying but I may or may not have something to do one the plane. I heard sometimes they have movies, so just in case I am out of luck I am going prepared. Grant it most of those hours I will probably be mesmerized by the views below the plane as we are leaving the mainland and arriving in Hawaii or vice versa. Then there will be that lull in between when all you see below is the Pacific Ocean or maybe and Aquaman spotting. I have decided to take light reading, some material that I can start and finish on the plane or just browse while up in the sky, Ok I will take a book just in case.

Have a Plan
Ok so this is a yes and a no, although there are something I would like to do while I am there, like Pearl Harbor, visit comic book shops put my toes in the sand and what not. Then the things I already have planned with some family, I am going with the plan of have no plan and just go with it. If an opportunity arises then I will seize it and make the best of it. I also have ideas of some cool photos for my Funko Pops to be in. I don’t know really what to expect while I am there, but all I know is I want to have a good time and want these guys have some fun to.

What are some ways you Superhero-ify your vacation??

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Until next time
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