Time to come together as a community: Help save a fading memory

Have received a mission that has been labeled High priority and needs your assistance.
The mission should you choose to accept, Help, Share, Spread the word and save a story.

This year one of my favorite comic book shops that I have come to love since getting into comics has lost there lease for their current location. They need our help to move there store to a new location and help continue there journey in providing over a million stories, many experiences, and keep hold of a fading memory. Below is a video they created for their Kickstarter

Free Comic Book day 2014 is when I came across this Mom and Pop shop kind of comic book store. It was on my list as one to visit, when we first met I knew I would be going back for more soon enough. All About Books and Comics in Phoenix AZ it is near my classified base out here and I try to make it up there when I can.

This year there was some sad news for the owners, they lost their lease for their store, as the business next to them wants to turn this awesome happy place into a waiting room and money spoke the loudest in that situation at hand. All About Books and Comics already has another location lined up and they need our help. I realized something when I wanted to help, and not just by donating money but spreading the word. This is not just about helping a comic book shop with over a million comics move locations but saving a fading memory. 

I was able to take a friend up there last year, it was his first time visiting a comic book shop, so I was already excited to introduce him to some. I showed him some others ones first but saved the best for last as this one was my favorite one and the one I was most excited to show him.
Fun on Free Comic Book Day 2014
I have not been able to go up there as much as I would like to this year so far. I was on the hunt for the Thor Issue # 1 that introduces the new female Thor as I was silly enough not to buy it when I browsed the pages when it first hit the shelves back in October 2014. I contacted them and they said they had some left but not many and would save me a copy well that was a couple months ago and have yet to make it out there. The fact they were willing to hold and item and what not tops my customer service meter.

Going to buy comics, with everything digital these days, streaming, or available somewhere on in cyber space these shops are dying even faster. Saving the experience of spending hours browsing comics and back issues, finding something new, looking forward to the next issue in the series you are reading experiencing characters for the first time, and of course all the other awesome merchandise they have that you can rock all day everyday and let your geek flag fly.

Additional Intel.
Even if you have not been able to go to the store, live in the area it would still be great to help the Comic Book store. Being part of this community, the Comic Book, Geeky Comic Con going community its always very supportive and tight nit. Now is a great time and I am hoping that all of us as a community can come together and help this store, even with whatever little is available or sharing with your friends, family and your fellow geek community. 

Help save an experience and a million stories from fading away forever. I have recently gotten into comics and love visiting the store when I can, they have so many issues, I know if I come across something and want to read up on it they will have, being lucky enough to enjoy this kind of experience while it is still around is awesome and would be even sadder to see it go.

So will you help? Spread the word? Do you love browsing comics and purchasing ones you have been looking forward to or coming across new stories?

Here are the mission details should you choose to accept.

The Kickstarter
Their Website

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5060 N. Central, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 277-0757Fax: (602) 678-0065

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