Going to the Royal Ball. Cinderella Review

Your carriage awaits you.....

On 3/13/2015 I was cordially invited to attend the royal ball and meet Prince Charming; ok I didn’t get to meet him although I really want one now after the movie. On opening day I went to see the timeless classic Cinderella movie turned into a live action film by Disney.

If you have not seen Cinderella in it glory at the theaters yet I hope that you soon will. It was really fun to watch a movie that I watched as a child come alive on the big screen.Throughout the movie I was running the original in my head as the one on the screen in front of me unfolded as I thought it was the same but it was not the same same and I think for me that is what made it a really great movie.

The parents of both Cinderella and Prince Charming played more of a role in this movie. It was nice to see the background of the parents and how Cinderella came about being left alone with the wicked stepmother. (Spoiler Alert) The beginning will tug at your heart strings. This movie did have some really sad moments and more then the original but Prince Charming who had more of a role in this movie as well, which I was not disappointed made up for it with the parts in the film that were such how sweet kind of moments some almost cheesy but that is what made it really fun to watch and sometimes comical. 

Introducing new actors into the world of films, this was nice that the majority of the characters were fairly new to the scene of the movies that we have seen on the big screen lately, and could possibly help launch the careers of these fresh faced actors/actresses. I was not to familiar with any of their previous works on film if any but I think that was another aspect that was enjoyable was I had no idea what to expect of these actors; rather than the established ones where they have their trademark roles. I also noticed that Hayley Atwell who plays Agent Carter in the Marvel Universe was in it as Cinderella’s mother and Stellan Skarsgård who plays the Grand Duke in Cinderella plays Erik Selvig in Thor. Nicely done Marvel and Disney nicely done. While writing this post I had to google who Richard Madden was the fellow who played Prince Charming, because for some reason I thought he looked familiar, and low and behold he is on Game of Thrones, I have only seen on episode of the show and am very slow to binge on it at the moment.

The dress, the iconic blue dress that Cinderella’s Fairy god Mother transforms her into was gorgeous! I don’t always use that word but when I do it is for the dress in this movie. After seeing how Disney went about the dress and the beauty of it I cannot wait to see what they come up with for the dress in the Beauty and the Beast live action film. The colors, the transformation in the movie, the dancing in the dress the hair do, made the ball scenes and dancing with the Prince one of my favorite parts of the movie.

For me it was refreshing to watch a simple, fun, happily ever after kind of movie, no violence, action, drama, or what has been hitting theatres lately. Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of action movies, superhero movies, some kick butt moments, but it was nice to see a fairy tale that stayed a fairy tale one with a happy ending! This movie for me was fun to watch, I made an attempt to Cosplay my movie going outfit a little, with sparkly silver shoes, earrings that said dream, blue top and of course my tiara.

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