Mission Debrief about MIA

MIA but here is a Mission Debrief.

Missing In Action (MIA) is exactly where I was for the past couple weeks which seems like it was much longer than that. Here are some things and updates that have been going on here at the watchtower. This post is not the most picture friendly due to still going through all the great pics.
At Waikiki Beach Hawaii
Subjects and Bases
If you are an awesome follower of Superheroes.xyz on Instagram or Twitter you may have an idea of some of the fun we had. I went to Hawaii and took my new addiction with me, my Funko Pop Figures people were not kidding when they said you won’t be able to stop once you start. I previously wrote how I got hooked. After taking so many pictures I am still in the process of creating a post and sharing all the adventures they had. After Hawaii was San Diego for the first week of March and had more adventures there this was all a great fun to lead up to my birthday the first Saturday of the month. Sadly my birthday was on the last day of my vacation time but after realizing all that I did and all the presents I had to buy for myself it was a pretty good one and a nice way to finish it off. I ended the vacation/birthday time with and all you can eat seafood buffet I will not confirm nor deny if Aquaman provided the dishes.

I picked up a new phone before my trip to Hawaii as my other phone was 3 years old and was still adjusting to life with an updated phone. I thought I scheduled some things while on a computer to remind me of posts and some more info but I seemed to have failed myself. I was unable to access an actual computer while I was out and had no TV which was somewhat nice but did not fear as my new episodes would be waiting for me when I returned to my home base. I did manage to get a post out about helping one of my favorite comic shops and helping save a memory. After that it was either an operator error or my phone had failed me we are still working on our relationship.
Live Long and Prosper
SPOCK: before I left for Hawaii I read the Leonard Nimoy went in the hospital for chest pains, unfortunately I had a gut feeling that it was only a matter of time. The morning of his passing my sister called and told me, she heard about it and told me to do my research. Sadly it was true and the fun Hawaii posting pictures stopped for the day as the day was for Spock. I changed my profile picture to a shrouded Star Trek Badge and was seeing what cyberspace say. I told some family it was a sad day in the geek universe and was showing my respect, I got some laughs but I would like to think it was out of love.

An update on the comic shop previously wrote about has met their goal! They will be moving to their new location and still be up and running amen! So thank you to all who shared, read the article, commented, donated anything it was all worth it and can’t wait to visit there new store when it is up and running.
At a Comic Book store in San Diego CA
I am currently working on some new posts and going through my pictures, it was something different to take my Pop figures with me and really enjoyed the somewhat challenge to take fun and unique pictures around the island, I am hoping to have some up soon but if you would like a sneak peek and have not yet followed or viewed the pictures on Instagram feel free to take a look, like or comment. I also had visited some local comic book shops that were oh so much fun to hang out in for a few hours and leave with a lighter wallet, although buyer’s remorse did kick in shortly after. Those will come up sometime in the near future.

I also came to the sudden realization that San Diego Comic Con is less than 8 pay cycles away and sneaking up fast. I am working on some posts regarding SDCC and coming up even faster than SDCC is the Phoenix Comicon that I also plan on attending. This will be my second year for Phoenix and my 8th For San Diego.

Between my future posts coming up, TV shows getting more exciting every week, Cinderella coming out this weekend, Divergent the next, The Avengers Age of Ultron and maybe a trip for the Double Feature of the The Avengers movies things are going to get pretty exciting here at the Watchtower and can’t wait to share with you all.

What are some of your plans coming up in the next month or so?

Which Movies, TV Shows or Cons are you looking forward to?

Until next time
Watchtower Over and Out.