TGIF: Magical Items I Would Love to Own.

TGIF! Time for another Fandom Friday created by The NerdyGirlie and Superspace Chick. A weekly nerdy link up for everyone to take part in, it has also become a great way to get to know other nerdy bloggers. This weeks prompt 5 Magical Items I would love to own. This was so fun to do and actually came up with 5 items including some bonuses.

TGIF: Fandom Friday
TGIF: Fandom Friday by superheroesxyz on Polyvore

1. Wings because they are beautiful, on fairies, on birds, on Maleficent, Angels you name it. The Variety of sizes and color are vast and could never run out of options. Did I mention you get to fly with these?

2. Fairy Dust not just because of Peter Pan sprinkled some on Wendy John and Michael, fairy dust adds a little sparkle to everything. Also Tink and company at Pixie Hallow have made made it a necessity.

3. Genie’s Lamp Yes the lamp from Aladdin. I will take three wishes any day and free my genie as well but would like to keep the lamp.

4. Wand not just any wand although I figured everyone would want a wand from Harry Potter but I would like to have the wand of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. Metamorphosis, enchantment, time manipulation, I imagine I can use those powers one day. Even though at the stroke of midnight most spells would go back to the way things were before I think would be a good idea just in case.

5. Excalibur King Arthur would be a bonus if he came with the sword. The sword is known to have magical powers such as strength and other supernatural abilities. This would be the sword I would love to yield let alone be in possession of.

TGIF: Fandom Friday Bonus
TGIF: Fandom Friday Bonus by superheroesxyz on Polyvore

Bonus the first things that came to my mind when I saw this were not really items but a things, and awesome things. I had to mention them as the bonus for this weeks Fandom Friday

Dragon, whether it be the Dragon, from Eragon, Merlin, Dragon Heart, How to Train Your Dragon or even some from the Game of Thrones I would love to have one, the flying fire breathing majestic creatures...they seem magical to me.

Unicorn I love horses, when you put a magical majestic like quality to it such as a Unicorn it goes on the magical things I would love to own. Imagining riding bareback on a Unicorn through an enchanted forest…well it’s fun to dream. I was looking up unicorn tears but I don’t want a sad Unicorn so no tears here.

Thanks so much for looking at the magical items I would love to own. What’s on your list?

Until next time
Watchtower Over and Out.