Mission Debrief: A Geektactic Weekend and a Monday

A Geektatic weekend and a Monday.
This past Friday-Monday was a pretty geeked out 4 days and was very happy it all worked out in the geek universe. A Mission Debrief. 

Friday 5/1/2015 
One of the most anticipated movies of the year was finally here and worth waiting for.
Avengers Age of Ultron…The majority of us have been patiently awaiting this movie I wont go into to much details for those who have not seen it yet, and yes there are some who have not, it has only been out for one weekend, well for the US.

I really enjoyed the movie, having a good amount of chemistry and screen time with actors of that caliber was fun to watch. The comedy aspect of the movie, the action sequence, the tie in with the Marvel Agents of SHIELD television show, introduction of Vision who I will be doing more research on because he was pretty awesome, there was so much this movie had to offer. The only thing that threw me off was the Black Widow and The Hulk I don’t think I would support that ship necessarily. Along with the moment of Quicksilver was a big No that’s impossible!!

I went to the earliest showing 830am to see it, My Dad said he would like to go watch it with me, he likes to go when there is not a lot of people there. I said if we miss this showing I can’t wait a few days to see it when there is not a lot of people but want to see it with you first; and by first meaning I will be seeing this in theatres more than once.
The movie was worth waiting for, the fact that Marvel can and has kept all the SAME actors/actresses for their characters has been pretty impressive, with the multi picture contracts and whatever other magic they do. I think that is what makes it so strong and impressive, what the Avengers have on screen they have in real life and vice versa that all shows when they are doing the press tours, comic cons, and in the movie itself.

Saturday 5/2/2015

Free Comic Book Day I joined the festivities of this day 2 years ago, you can read my battle plans I had set and how I came to know about this day. I had a later start then I would have liked only because the night before I had a great time with some friends going to a comedy club and hanging out. I missed the hustle and bustle of it all, waiting in lines for the comics, so I was glad I went to the stores at the times I did, seeing all there was without being shoulder to shoulder.

My main grabs were the marvel Secret Wars, The All New Avengers, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mission Accomplished. I also picked up a Mega Man (for the sister) and Convergence. Along with some Spider Man Comics and a Wolverine one from one of the stores that had a promotion of buy $5.00 get some more free comics and those were some they had available.

I went to 4 different comic book shops, I did not get as many comics as I have before because I flew solo for this mission but was glad I got the ones I was really hoping for before they were all gone. I also picked up a mug for Dad as well, it was between one with the Avengers but no Black Widow or Iron Man, and Iron Man it was, I call him Iron Man due a to a machine that keeps him alive (pretty sure its not the Arc Reactor materials) just like Tony Stark

Captain America visits a Memorial Park
After visiting the comic book shops and literally getting lost in downtown trying to find a certain store I came across the Wesley Bolin Memorial Park. I had to stop by after seeing all the memorials there was and no idea this gem was here. I was walking around trying to take it all in and the eerie silence with the sun beating down. I was blown away at all the memorials that were there. They had numerous memorials dedicated to prominent events and people throughout history and the some of the major events such as World War 1 and World War 2. I realized it was a good day to bring my Funko Pop Captain America and he took a tour through the park. 

They had the mast and anchor from the USS Arizona, the 10 commandments, pillars with the bill of rights on the, a canine memorials for the furry friends in service, the Navajo code talkers and so much more. Captain had a good time as did I. I was really glad I cam across this, I always love seeing all the history the US has been through and who better to be apart of it the Captain America. 
If you are wondering how all that is related to geektactic weekend, well for one, Captain America the first avenger was set in the time period as some of the memorials they had, and represented fighting for America. On the other hand because of all that is one of the reasons we are able to have the freedom to celebrate weekends like this, and there are some that do not have that luxury. It was a nice reminder in all the excitement of the weekend. 

Its Morphin Time
The highlight of the day was getting ready for a Meet and Greet VIP Dinner with some Power Rangers. I have always been a fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Why? When I was younger and it first came on it was totally kick butt action, they were the original superheroes to me, especially since I have only recently gotten into the Marvel DC superhero world in the past couple years. Steve Cardenas Rocky the Red Ranger was going to be there along with Danny Slavin who played Leo the red Ranger in the Lost Galaxy Power Ranger Series.

We ate at a P.F. Changs I had never been there before so it was already worth going to, tickets were $40.00 but did not include dinner. The private room we were in had two tables there was about 15 of us there. Steve Cardenas sat at one table and Danny sat at our table, later in the evening they switched tables. Danny sat at our table first and what a guy! Although I have not watched Lost Galaxy he was a ranger which in itself was awesome and he was part of something that I loved growing up and can fully embrace now that I am older. Basically a netflixing Power Rangers Day is in my future.  
Left: Danny Slavin Right: Steve Cardenas
I had met Danny Slavin before at Phoenix Comicon 2014 and said hi once at San Diego Comic Con 2014 and can’t wait to see him again this year at Phoenix Comicon. Throughout the night they were tyring to get updates on the big fight Mayweather vs Pacquiao (Boxing) and I am pretty sure Danny said Sean John says hi assuming P.Diddy? That was fun to hear. Steve Cardenas’s  Sister and Mother was there as well, his sister was at our table with Danny good times is all I shall say.  Seeing Steve and his sister interacting was fun and hearing stories from when they were kids was pretty cool. My friend and I had a great time, she knows more about the rangers then I ever will and is fun to talk to her about it she also got her action figure signed. At the dinner we also received some prints that Steve Cardenas signed.

Sunday 5/3/2015
Recovery Day it was, catching up on sleep was I had to do as I was avoiding it with much better things since Friday Morning after getting off of work. Up all day Friday one of the friends I met with on Friday got me a Marvel Characters book which is pretty awesome to read so far. Go through the comics, I got take pictures and enjoy the fact of how good the weekend was so far.
The other part of Sunday was realizing that the end of this month is Phoenix Comicon! I am so excited not only to attend but to be part of it as a volunteer and for my first ever Media Pass for coverage of the convention. I have been going to the volunteer meetings all year long minus one or two and glad to see the time has finally arrived. I was approved for my Media Pass a couple of months ago and cannot wait to see what it will bring for me and the Watchtower at Superheroes.XYZ

Monday 5/4/2015

May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars Day! Being a fan I wish I would have known this a little sooner as last year 2014 was the year I discovered a Star Wars Day. Last Month I wrote about Wishing I was at the Star Wars Celebration, so I realized all the things I had set up for that post would have been PERFECT for a Star Wars-y post! So go take a look at it, Star Wars Fashion, Medleys by an awesome artist and more. I even posted some of my Star Wars pictures from previous comic cons. This is posted on a Tuesday but wanted to make sure I got some great pics in and if I had anything else to write about it. This was a pretty Geektactic weekend.

After finally recovering from the weekend and catching up on this thing called sleep, I was excited to put together this post to share with you all. For more photos be sure to check out Superheroes.XYZ on Instagram.

What are some of the festivities you did this past geektactic kind of weekend??

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