Fandom Friday: Comic Book Heroes I Want More of

More Ovaltine please! No, more comic book heroes that I would like to see with their own series or movie. I have finally recovered from Phoenix Comicon and working on some wrap up posts, in the mean time here is some girl power and red heads (I like pulling off red hair to)
Black Widow
I think she is getting enough attention now with her lack of merchandise let alone a movie. Her backstory of the character would be an interesting series or spanned out for a movie. Aside from another Marvel Female hero getting her own movie, I think they should have started off safe with a female character that people have grown to love and have been wanting more of for awhile now.
Kiani (Aspen Comics)
Recently started reading about her character when picking up volumes for a friend. Believing that her parents died in the destruction of her underwater city, taken as an apprentice educated and trained, for the security force of the city, having the ability to live underwater and later having the ability to manipulate water that was most likely caused by and electric shock from a tiger shark, then finding out her parents are alive and one of them is a villain. Going to war with a group of scientists that have been conducting experiments on their people to find out how they operate. Being killed by a rival then coming back to life with healing powers that were kept a secret but now living on the surface.   

She Hulk Jennifer Walters
I recently got into She Hulk after attending the Marvel Experience and wanted more of her; Without going hulk smash an being able to control the hulk side of her, I think it would be an interesting movie or even a series to show how she became the She Hulk, how she learns to control the She Hulk and using her intelligence while she is the She Hulk, how she deals with her cousin The Hulk in the news and being with the Avengers, being a Lawyer and how she can help society with being both persons and most recently if we went there, became one of the leading ladies in the femal avengers team A Force.

Source                                              Source
An Asgardian goddess, a mighty warrior and recently a member of the Avengers.She started training with Lady Sif in becoming warriors and yields a sword named Dragonfang, being trapped by an enchantress, going back and forth from Asgard to Earth, fighting at Ragnarok, riding a winged horse named Aragorn, dying being reborn, and joining the Secret Avengers. I think that would make for intriguing time on the screen.  
Singularity A newly created cosmic powered heroine for the all female Avengers Team A force. I love the cosmos and glad to see a newly created character. I cant wait for more. 

Medusa Queen of the Inhumans, aside from falling in love with her cousin Black Bolt, I think it would be fun to watch how it all came to be, what her type of people had to go through, losing her husband, being a villain then ends up working with the avengers, bad girl to good girl. I think her hair is pretty awesome as well.

Bonus Heroes get all the fun and attention so I thought I would throw in a bonus and share some villainous characters that I would like to see a movie or series
Poison Ivy for some reason this year I have really enjoyed poison ivy, I loved the portrayal by Uma Thurman in Batman and Robin (still one of my favorite Batman movies) or the fact that she is in the origin of Batman series Gotham that is currently airing. I’m not sure there would be enough for a series but perhaps a movie? I think it would be interesting to see how she protects her greens and maybe pair up with the other vixens of Batman?
Luminous working for a High evolutionary, allegedly sister of Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver, need I say more? I think it would be interesting how she copes with the attention her brother and sister get from being in the avengers (MCU Quicksilver not so much) there is not to much information on her but she seems to have the powers of Scarlett Witch and has mastered them better and can move at super human speeds faster then Quicksilver. Ill get the popcorn

I think there is a trend here of female characters that should have a shot at something, although I understand some of the reasons why studios are afraid to tread in these waters, they should at least dip there toes in it.

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