Getting Ready: SDCC Playlist

Getting Ready SDCC
A few people have a playlist for SDCC they listen to it while trying to zen in the chaos of greatness that SDCC has to offer, standing in lines, transportation, walking to their destinations, relaxing, eating, whenever there is a chance to listen to music. This is really helpful in a few of the tips of how to zen at SDCC but I have yet to do that. To me when people have headphones in means they want to keep to themselves, I am not always the first to start a conversation due to being shy (which I am working on) but ready when they do come up.

I have yet to listen to music at SDCC, so the purpose of me making a playlist that I most likely wont really listen to at SDCC? Here they are

One: for all of those that do create a playlist for whenever the time comes about, always adding new songs and discovering new music from other people, that is one of my favorite aspects of technology and our resources that we have today; Its unlimited. 

Two: my playlist time is getting ready for SDCC, the getting ready process, as in going through my things to find what I need, the final packing stages, trying to figure out my wardrobe for the week, which bags to take and how to make everything fit in one suitcase so I don't look like I'm moving in. 

Three: Last but not least and probably the most important is my drive to San Diego! From my base of operations to San Diego is about 6 hours so music is an essential, jams to pump me up for the insane weekend ahead, yet some thrown in there to acknowledge the calm before the storm. I have recently got satellite radio which helps astronomically for some parts of the drive but does not cut it 100%.

SDCC Playlist

Here are some tips on making a playlist for SDCC, whenever you decide to listen to your playlist during SDCC the kind of music you have on it is very important. Here are some tips I like to use when making my playlist for the journey to SDCC.

Feel good music whether its the latest hits, oldies but goodies, dance music, soundtracks. Music that makes you feel good even during the fatigue that eventually sets in over the time of the convention.

Slow Songs I am not the biggest fan of slow songs but every now in then, its something to slow your brain down, especially from the high on life experience you can get at SDCC

No sad make you think about life songs, there are some songs that can go either way, but ones that make you contemplate life, remind you of a breakup or tragic situation, or are just sad if you really listen to the lyrics, leave those on your every other day kind of playlist.

New music, ask around, check out blogs, see what some of your friends are listening to, if you really want some new jams that is a great way to get some for your playlist.

Indie aside from indie music more like artists that are not being played every 5 minutes on the radio outside the circle of the top hot 50 like some examples below Lindsey Stirling.

Length Depending on how often you are going to listen to the playlist  you can make a short one with 10 songs that you can listen to over and over or one with 100 songs so you never have to hear the same song two or three times.

With all that being written here is a variety of lists and jams for my SDCC Playlist for 2015

Current as in what has been playing on the radio 100,000 a day and have grown to like whether I want to or not.

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift with Kendrick Lamar This video bad blood is pretty bad ass, I have always enjoyed the music of Taylor Swift but her latest album and all that she has accomplished I find myself admiring her more and more for what she does especially with her fans. This video pumps me up and love the hunger games-esque feel it has to it and a great jam for the playlist.

See You Again Wiz Kalifa Charlie Puth. From Fast 7 I loved Paul Walker and his Death hit me hard as I have grown up with him and the Fast and Furious movies for the past 15 years, he was part of my movie magic. This song was an amazing addition to his memory and the Fast 7 sound track.

Dance super-ly pump you up. Even though its about 4-5 minutes of the same thing repeated they still pump me up.

Slow Down

Retro Rewind
I was an Nsync fan back in the day but would sneak in Backstreet Boys as well anything Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and then there are these songs.

Recently Discovered Music
Instrumental for the want to listen to music but also need to concentrate on what I am doing moments.

Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling. Her Album Shatter Me is great to listen to I have grown to like instrumentals and this artists is fantastic. Discovered her music on satellite radio then brought up by a friend and searched more of her music she is now a favorite. Did I mention she does all sorts of covers and medleys from Star Wars, Zelda all the way to Lord of The Rings. I even posted a Star Wars Medley she did with a fellow artists in my Wishing I was at the Star Wars Celebration post.
Destroy You by The Filthy Souls. I always read about them on fellow blogger The Nerdy Girlie's page and finally gave them a listen, like she said, it really was magical listening to them for the first time.

During the quiet times eating on the mezzanine or just taking a break, listening to the hustle and bustle of it all yet enjoying the scenery that San Diego has to offer is enough for me. What is on your playlist for SDCC or Conventions you are attending?