Battle Plans and Mission Musts for SDCC 2015

One more day it's here!! San Diego Comic Con that is, one of the most wonderful time of the year! The time has come to share my battle plans for SDCC. Who knew it was a challenge, to pack, make plans, decide what to wear, where to go, who to see, and on top of that write about it? I am grateful to have this opportunity to share with you all, every year I try to contain my excitement about my favorite time of the year, and some of my friends I am pretty sure try to avoid me because come the end of June and July that is all I can talk about.

Before the time is upon us these little things must get done such as packing, before I would pack 2 months in advance, I am leaving for San Diego today from my classified base in AZ and I just started last night! This year has been challenging for me to get excited about SDCC as I already had my badge ready to go back in February, however only acquiring half the days off until about 2 weeks ago was a stress I could have lived without. 
Getting Ready: Being a horrible decision maker, I end up taking everything, my philosophy is I would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it, this I am thankful I drive from my classified base in AZ to San Diego, as flying I don’t think I would survive so credit to those who manage.

Essentials I double check after pulling everything out that I would at least have my basic essentials I like to have in my survival bag for SDCC, Everybody's usually varies but these are items that are usually the most popular and a must.

Getting ready: Superheroes.XYZ style
This year is the first year I will have my website Superheroes.XYZ already trying my hand at previous conventions practicing for the big one, I think I made some small progress, I had to look official for this convention as this is the one anything can happen. At Phoenix Comicon while picking up my custom art card I ordered from Rebecca Hicks artist of Little Vampires, I asked if she would be able to draw me as a superhero, and have something that I can use as a logo for my site. After emailing, tweaks, her awesome-ness and skills at art I present to you ME! Rebecca did the artwork for Superhero me and my Dad made the business card, I think it’s a keeper.

This is the plan as far as Comic Con goes, I usually have plans B C D E all in place, but far it is just plan A which is another first for me.

Preview Night I went to my first preview night in 2006 and it was my last till 2014, volunteers got lucky and were able to attend, I loved it and was able to get some good swag that I did not have “stress” over throughout the weekend, like the TV Guide Collector Covers from Warner Brothers. I am attending again this year through volunteers and they said this will be the last so I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

Crazy 4 Comic Con
Preview night does not stop for me when the convention closes, I am going to The Game of Bloggers Meet up created by a fellow blogger Tony from Crazy 4 Comic Con. In the past couple of months I have experienced what a family like atmosphere the blogging community has and with blogging about something we all love San Diego Comic Con. This meet up is for content creators and fans, to see each other, collaborate, get the word out about their site and prepare for the organized chaos that begins. I will be debuting my handy dandy business cards, and this is also part of My Comic Con Mission for this year. I am as nervous as can be and know it’s something I cannot miss.

The first panel of the day is the Wrath of Con Bloggers experienced bloggers that have merged their passion for writing all at the same time becoming informative and resourceful for fandoms of all kinds and those that love comic cons. They are going to share with some of us their sites, obstacles how they started and much more. This is a panel that would be a must especially for my new site.

The Aspen Comics panel. My friends favorite artist is Paolo Pantalena he is an artist for Aspen Comics, I have been aware of there comics, but since discovering my friend likes them, I always try to buy him something of there or his when I go to conventions. One year I bought him the volumes of his artists character and had the artist palo autograph it along with some others. I think he would enjoy this panel and they said something attendees would receive an exclusive gift from Aspen yes please.

Nerd HQ Panel I somehow managed to score a conversation for a cause panel ticket to one of Nathan Fillion Panels, this will be my first ever panel at Nerd HQ. My first choice was Stephen Amell (Arrow) and the Marvel Partners in Prime time with Agents of Shield and Agent Carter. The tickets sold out in a matter of seconds, and I mean single digit seconds. I thought I would give Nathan a try in thinking yeah right impossible I seemed to manage to proceed to check out without it saying sold out I never typed so fast in my life. I have no idea what seat I picked because nothing was happening when I was clicking on them and there was no time to read. Hopefully its a good one and am happy as can be with Nathan, a friend asked me who he was….we are no longer friends.
Nerd HQ X2 Aside from the panel I want to spend some more time at Nerd HQ and show my friend what it is all about, try to get some pictures with celebrities known as the Smiles for Smiles and maybe even attend one of there Fan Parties.

Volunteering yet again this year I have been able to make my way in as a volunteer, this has seemed to be the only way know as I have had no luck with getting badges for a couple years now but dedicating 3-4 hours to help put on a show like SDCC is worth it, getting a free day and saving the money from purchasing a badge. That experience has led me to volunteer at other comic conventions and have had some of the best times volunteering. This year will be different as I will have a friend with me and hoping I have moved up in the “volunteer ranks” from line management to hopefully panel giveaways.

Her Universe

Maybes The things that I am really hoping to attend and make it to but is still up in the air.
The Her Universe Fashion Show, I went to the Debut show in 2014 bad it was great! They have revealed a Black Widow Designed dress from one of the winners last year for Ashley Eckstien (the Creator of Her Universe) and I must see it in person.

Geeks Go Glam
Geeks Go Glam Party hosted by some fellow bloggers. This is an event that dressing up is encouraged, taking a second to freshen up and change in to some glamorous clothes after a long day at comic con. I was hoping to win a contest for some tickets, and not sure if I will get to go till the day of hopefully before. That and finding somewhere to freshen up as I am staying further out from Downtown.

Star Trek Into Darkness screening with a live score played at the Embarcadero Marina Park last year was a great Zen moment for me. Sitting there with a friend, my favorite movie playing, listening to the reactions, the echo of the comic con, the nighttime skyline of San Diego that was the moment I realized this is worth waiting for all year; And to get to do it again!? It would be illogical not to

Panels I try to avoid these, I have yet to brave the camping out all night to get into Hall H, especially after just being able to stroll in there mid day in 2014. The Panel I would like to see and will have to try to use the force for these are the Star Wars, and DC Superhero Saturday Night, and the Marvel Television Presents Agents of SHIELD and Carter in Ballroom 20.

Autographs I have only received one autograph ticket in my time at SDCC and and have not tried for it since, being as standing in line, and am unable to get to the convention that early enough. I try to settle for the ones that are not ticketed. Although Person of Interest would be on my to get list. This is one of the many autographs that does not seem ticketed and I would be able to try for. The cast of CBS Show Scorpion at the IDW Publishing Booth #2743 at 2. This seems like it would be a must.

Something on the side I love Instagram and as mentioned in the ABCs of SDCC this is a must for SDCC. I will be trying to do this Photo Hunt created by The Nerdy Girlie for the first time at SDCC. It is also a good reminder to stop and take some pictures, which I have never had a problem doing with the few or hundred I take during the comic con so this gives me a reason to take more.

There is so much I want to do and see, including all the outside activities, but being there and just embracing I am one of the lucky ones is enough. The bonus of it all is I will be able to share it with a friend as it will be his first time, and spread the word about my site.

Thanks for reading and if you are going to SDCC have a blast and hope to see you around, if your are not, I hope the odds are in your favor next year and you can follow Superheroes.XYZ on Instagram and Twitter as I will try my hand at multi-tasking on social media.

What are some of your essentials and battle plans for this years San Diego Comic Con?

Until next time....
Watchtower over and out. 

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