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Having now gives me a legitimate reason to be on the computer for most of the day, read all the news on everything from comic books to superheroes and go see movies. I enjoy this very much. This also led me to Confidence. …the book Confidence Diary of an Invisible Girl written by Paige Lavoie.
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Paige was hosting a giveaway on her twitter account and figured I would give it a try as my streak of winning things here and there finally kicked in. After receiving the message of I have won a copy I was excited, and waiting for the book to arrive in the mail seemed to be an eternity! She was also giving free copies away on Kindle, but I like the physical aspect of the books and was looking forward to taking pictures of it to share with everyone.

I have mentioned before that I am not good at reviews, usually the extent is, ok lets move on or this is awesome and needs to be shared with the world. This book is awesome and needs to be shared with everyone and really wanted to share it here on Superheroes.XYZ so before we get to my review lets hear from Paige herself.

Introducing Paige Lavoie
Tell us a little about Confidence?
Confidence is my first young adult novel, and it follows the life of a girl named Barbara Jenkins. As you read through her diary you learn, that she’s always felt invisible. And through a crazy-random-happenstance she’s thrust into a world of first friendships, conventions, and learning to step out of her comfort zone.

What brought about the inspiration to write Confidence?
A very silly random conversation with my husband while we were talking about conventions spawned the whole idea. (And actually one of the last scenes) I would say more but it would be kind of a big spoiler. :P

Where did the inspiration the characters of Barbara and Cassie come from?
Barbara is inspired by really all of us, she’s in this point in her life where she really just feels invisible, like a background character of her own story. We’ve all been there, or maybe are currently there right now.

Cassie on the other hand, is inspired by the seemingly perfect girl you wish you could be best friends with. She oozes confidence, charisma, has amazing hair and style. To Barbara, she’s “Perfect”.
Provided by Paige
Which character could you most relate to in the story and why?
Definitely Barbara, She’s so kooky and awkward.

What was the most challenging part about writing confidence?
I think pushing past writers block, and self-doubt. When you’re working on a new story, It’s easy to feel like it’s “too silly” or not going to be good enough. I had a lot of those moments. I was really grateful for my husband who inspired me to keep writing, and I think the rapid pace of NaNoWriMo really helped me not to overthink things too much.

How is it sharing confidence with people and conventions and other events 
you attend?
It has been wonderful! Recently I had copies of the book at Geekycon, and I was a little nervous, it was my first time having books other than comics, but I’m so pleased to say it was well received. As a part of our display we had quotes from the book that people could take pictures with. It was fun to see the con-goers connecting with the quotes and buying the book. Some even sent me messages afterwards to tell me that they enjoyed it, or that they read the book on their plane ride home. Which honestly was so amazing and unexpected! I’m so grateful for all the people that have reached out, or written a review. They’ve made my decision to write a second book about Barbara and her friends so much easier.
Picture provided by Paige
Barbara’s first convention that launched her into the world of geekdom was SuperEpicCon, what was your convention or time when you knew that is where you belonged?
I’ve been to a lot of different sorts of conventions, comic, anime, my firsts experiences as a vendor where actually at horror conventions. They all have really different feelings, and all of those first experiences were incredible and taught me a lot. But, I think one of the first times I really felt like I was embraced by a community was LeakyCon 2014. It was honestly the warmest convention experience and such a non-judging and accepting environment. At the core of the convention I feel like not only to the people attending want to celebrate their fandoms, but also to spread joy and positivity and I think that’s pretty special.
Geekycon had that same feeling, I’m looking forward to seeing it grow.

What is something that you want readers to take away from reading Confidence?
 At conventions, or nerdy events, sometimes you hear whispers of judging others on their “level of fandom” We all deserve to be here. Weither you’re a comic book junkie, an amazing costumer, a furry or artist, we all have different interests and we all matter to the community. Also, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! You never know what adventures might happen.

How can readers go about purchasing a copy of confidence?
I sell copies on, you can also order copies from Barnes & Noble to be shipped to your home.

Attempting to keep spoiler free…was there any alternate endings to this story or was the one we get to read the same from start to finish? If not what made you choose the one you did?
Actually, I wrote the ending first! Besides some minor tweaking everything story-wise is pretty much the same from start to finish. 

During your time of writing confidence was there a tip or piece of advice that really stuck out to you?
Power through all the doubt and writers block and make your fingers type. Yes, it’s good to have a plan, but also sometimes let your characters go a little crazy and do something even you don’t expect. :p But above all things keep writing. You can do this! And I encourage you all to join me in this years NaNoWriMo [National Novel Writing Month]

What if your favorite sandwich? 
Tiny little tea sandwiches. <3 Especially the cucumber ones.

Thank you Paige for sharing your time here with Superheroes.XYZ
The first snapshot when I received my copy
I enjoyed this book very much as it was fun to read, I think that by meeting one person can completely change everything seemed to draw my attention. I have only read one other book with a character that I can closely relate to. 

This is the second one I was able to relate to the character more than others not necessarily in some of the things that happens to Barabara through the book story but some of the feelings and things she says. Having a character to relate to made me enjoy the book even more with the “oh wow” moments as if I have wrote the words on the page myself, that is what made this book very enjoyable for me to read.

There are times that feeling invisible has been in my past and the just go through the motions to get to something better but that moment when you find somewhere that you belong is a great feeling. That feeling for me was my first experience at San Diego Comic Con in 2006, as Superepiccon was for Barabara.

Have you obtained your copy of Confidence yet? What did you think of it?

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