Celebrate the Selfie

I have read some posts on selfies that inspired me for writing up something like this. I have been taking selfies before it became a hashtag, when you had the disposable camera and snapped one. They started off center but over time you knew just how to hold the camera for a nice picture.

Selfies have progressed from the beginning when the flip phones were going out of style, cameras were getting better on our phones. Then the cameras with a display window to see the picture we just took, now with the front facing camera on a phone one would seem like a pro every time.

When I take a selfie it’s usually for a good hair day as I don’t get many throughout the year. A nice outfit, a nice day, with a superhero, or just appreciate myself that day or there is no one else there to take a picture. When I am at a comic convention and no one to snap a picture of me and Batman I am going to ask Batman for a selfie. When I am on the top of a mountain or a hill on a morning hike, I am going to want to take a selfie that I made it to the top with the nice views hiking offers.

Selfies have received a bad wrap, then there are the ones we have seen that do it for attention or whatever the reason may have been. But instead of focusing on the ones that have given the term selfie a bad wrap, like being conceited, want to show off, posting 20 in one day. How about the positives of selfies? Yes there are the positive aspects to a selfie.

Celebrate yourself! Celebrate your life, your smile, where you are at in the time of your life, weather you are taking some solo time, with friends, family, finally having a good day after a string of bad ones, celebrate it.  For some it is hard to take a picture of themselves or don’t think they are good enough for it, but everyone no matter who you are has a good quality about them and is nothing wrong with appreciating it and/or sharing it.

A friend on Twitter said "Don't ever feel the need to justify yourself over a self portrait" @youthinkmemad I thought about it and never thought of a selfie as such but totally made sense and what it really is. We don’t get the fancy painters to paint us like they did way back when or if one was of royalty we can take one every day if we wanted.

Another quote that was stood out was “I love smiling at the world it’s a small way to spread positivity” @LaurenGallaway loved this! Smiling is a universal language that everyone can understand. When you see someone smile there is hope for whatever you are going through, what the world is going through, or just taking a second and appreciate the good.

No selfie is bad, I think people just have different perspectives on them, and I have even changed my opinion on selfies as well. Rather than looking at them as a bad thing I celebrate them, and don’t worry if people will like them. It is not for them to like or accept its yours If people don’t like them well they can continue to keep scrolling through their posts.

What are your thoughts on selfies? Are you for them or not a big fan? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

Until next time
Watchtower over and out