Fandom Friday: 5 Ways I grew/changed/evolved in 2015

Welcome to the first Fandom Friday of 2016! Having my site this year made me do a lot more things than I normally would have. I was not exactly sure at first how to go about writing this, 5 ways I grew, changed and evolved in 2015. However, as I am upon my one year anniversary with my site and moving forward, I am happy to reflect on the year that just left.

Experienced things for the First time: There were so many firsts in 2015! Some of the most memorable was taking my friends to their first comic cons. I am used to flying solo at conventions and it was a first for me as well to be with somebody. I have flown solo to the San Diego Comic Con for 8 years and 2015 was the first year going with somebody and it was great. Now that I have experienced actually going with somebody and how different it can be, I can’t wait to do it again.

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Stepped out of the Comfort Zone: There were so many opportunities for me that I had to step out of my comfort zone and reach for things. These all led to better experiences down the way for my site and I, but in order to change and get somewhere stepping out of my comfort zone is a must. More recently dancing on a dance floor after a comic con after party, I never thought I would have the guts to do it. It was also a first for me and may not mean much, but just taking that step of doing something out of my comfort zone was a rush.

Pushed Myself: At first I am usually shy and have come to terms with it, but it is even more challenging when being a content creator. I had to sometimes push myself to talk to people, take risks, ask the questions. I never know what can come about a conversation no matter how simple it might be, each one can have a dead end or an opportunity. I had to be the first to take the step of saying hello as sometimes people are just as nervous as I was.

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Enjoyed the Moments at hand: I learned last year to live in the moment, for a while I was caught up in getting the right picture when something great was happening. I had to learn patience, to be present in the moment not just behind the camera lenses. To look around and take a second to say wow this is really happening. For example at San Diego Comic Con when my friend and I stumbled upon the Star Wars fireworks show, that moment of them going off to the live soundtrack was unforgettable.

Realized bigger things for my site: I originally started my website as a place to share my comic con experiences with others, and share things I love with people who were just as excited. Since then I realized this can go father then I thought, which has led me to more possibilities for 2016. My site has had the opportunity to interview some great people that are not only a part of the world I love so much, but are also making a difference in it. 

Thank you for stopping by to check out the first Fandom Friday of the year! How did you Grow, Change or evolve in 2015? 
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