Happy Blogiversary

As I was working on my Word of the Year I realized this month marks the one year anniversary of Superheroes.xyz! I had started this site as a way to share my experiences at San Diego Comic Con after attending for 8 years, and a way to share things I love with people who get just as excited as I do.

Since then the site has become much more than just a blog, I wanted it to stick with me for more then just a few months and be done with it. Going to comic cons, TV shows, being a part of fandoms that is my life and enjoy every bit of it. This site has made me push myself to talk to people, fans, artists and make new friends. To explore and try new things, write about them, and be exposed to things that I would have passed up otherwise.

Creating this site has also brought me to a community of people that are tight nit and help each other out, I am talking about the content creator community, yes we all have our own things to post and write about it, but I have seen great support of content creators with each other.

I have had so much fun writing all the posts that are up on Superheroes.xyz and I wanted to share my top 10 posts that were made popular by you.
  1. How to Superhero-ify a Vacation
  2. Funko: My New Addiction
  3. ABCs of SDCC Part 1
  4. ABCs of SDCC Part 2
  5. Mission For San Diego Comic Con
  6. Fandom Friday: Real Life Geeks Who Inspire Me
  7. To Boldly Go: Interview with The New Starship
  8. How to get into a new TV show
  9. The Struggle is Real
  10. Celebrate the Selfie
I am hoping to take my site father this year, I also don’t want to lose the spark I have with my site. Like all great things it will take time, and just have to keep pushing myself to do so. I am motivated and excited for this year and hope my site will do well. I love talking with other content creators, and fans of things I love.

Superheroes.xyz would not have come this far without its readers. I appreciate all that you have done, whether it be reading a post, sharing, favoriting, commenting and so much more. It all means so much to me that there are not only people out there that are excited about the same things that I am, but also those who take time out of their day to read what I write. I would not have come this far if it were not for my readers however many that may be. A big thank you to you all and those that have continuously supported me throughout this year. Thank you for celebrating my 1 year blogiversary with me.

Is there anything you would like to see more of? Less of? Or have any feedback on?

Off to another year
Watchtower over and out