New Project Alert: Custom made bags

Recently I had posted a sneak peek of my upcoming projects for my site, I am glad to be sharing more in detail one of those projects. I am going to see how it works out with one step at a time. What is this project? Custom Bags. This came about from the Marvel Character Black Widow, for the past couple of years I have been trying to find items or products with her character and they are hard to come by. My parents found Black Widow Fabric and customized the fabric by adding her name on the it! They ordered it for me and said we can get some bags made out of the material we were getting. I was so excited to finally have something to represent her!

Right: Tote Bag Right: Messenger Bag
I had two types of bags that I took to a fellow seamstress to use as a “template” a messenger style bag and a tote bag. I am very picky about my bags I take to conventions. I favor the messenger bag type mostly for security and easy access with hands free. Then there are the ones that I feel productive other days and want to carry everything with me and have a tote bag handy. I had an idea of how I wanted the bags. One of them I was planning on keeping and the other I was planning on selling! I made sure the seamstress had everything she needed, the straps talked about the size, and how I would have liked the bag to come out and altered somethings on the ones I took in to show her.

Top: Front Pocket Bottom Left; Inside w/ Pocket Left Pocket Snaps

The price that I wanted to make this one bag for I thought was a little crazy at first, and 2 years ago I would not find myself every paying that much for something let alone a bag. That was before I learned to appreciate the time, craftsmanship, effort, patience and art goes behind making something unique. Even with art work it’s nice to have 1 of 100 or 1 of 50 but better yet 1 of 1. I could go to bigger chain and find something that I can settle with for half the price and have 1 of 50,000 if not more. This bag is 1 of 1. There is no other like it! Custom made and craftsmanship from a human being rather than a machine with a pattern programmed into it. I felt that way for a long time, why pay the high amount when I can get it cheaper somewhere else? Well the time and effort, the materials, where the money goes and being hand done rather than by a mass factory machine and having one of a kind. I look at it all differently and know why things are priced the way they are.
Tote Bag Front and Back
After all that reading what is the price? $70.00 this price includes shipping and only doing it in the USA. The one for sale at the moment is the tote bag, this one is ready to go and be used for your next comic convention or better yet everyday use! I had so many compliments on my bag when I take it out especially when I used it at the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention, definitely nice to see people light up when they see something so unique and hard to find. 

The point of this? I wanted something that I was not really finding and I am getting it made! So I am sharing this with you because I have a custom made bag that I would like to offer to you guys first! I will be posting more on how you can order one and which fabrics I have on hand that you to choose from. For now, who wants a Black Widow Bag? 

If you are interested in the Tote bag please send me an Email. I will be posting more pics on social media so be sure to follow on Instagram and Twitter.

What is something that you have been looking for but can't seem to find?

Until Next time
Watchtower over and out