Supernatural: More than a TV Show [Part 1]


I recently became a fan of the TV show Supernatural, being aware of the show due to San Diego Comic Con since 2006. 2015 was the year I became a fan and started watching it thanks to my Dad. Overtime becoming a fan has been more different than any other fandom I would consider myself to be a part of.  I was welcomed in to the fandom family known as the SPN Family. Little did I know the cast and fans had so much history together and what they have come to represent, along with the level of respect they seem to have for one another.  I learned about the Cast and the Fans, such as Jared Padalecki’s Struggle with Clinical Depression around season 3 of the show.  As I was drawn in I learned how he shares his story with the world, creating the Always Keep Fighting (AKF) campaign to raise awareness and funds for organizations helping with mental health and awareness.
Jared Padalecki wearing his AKF Shirt & AIR wristband
This is when I realized the fandom family was more than just being fans of an awesome show, they really have become a family. Listening to how Jared Padelecki (Sam Winchester) had struggled with clinical depression, reading about the campaigns, seeing support he offers and the difference he has made continues to inspire me. Having a cast that opens up these conversations and spreading awareness of mental health, has left me in awe since becoming a fan of the show. Seeing what the Fandom Family is capable of is another reason why I love about being a fan.

These are tough subjects to talk about and some people are afraid to talk about it. I have been fortunate to not have these thoughts, thoughts that depression can bring to someone. I have just the occasional string of bad days or the storm that eventually passes even at the time when it seems like it wont, but for some it doesn’t end. I have had people come in and out of my life and some that have had the feelings of depression and or suicidal thoughts. It hurts me to think they can be in such pain, and I will never fully understand what they are going through and all I can do is offer a listening ear. I had an acquaintance that I would see from time to time, she was fun to talk to, talked to everybody, always had a smile on her face and seemed like she was happy with her life. I found out one day she died by suicide, it was not only a shocker to me but to all who knew her, they  had no idea that she was in so much pain or having those thoughts. It really opened my eyes not only to how people can be good at hiding pain, but made me wonder to why she thought that was the only way and what good it would do. 

So why bring all this up rather than just continue to say I am fan of the show? Well I technically have 10 years to make up with supporting Supernatural, so I want to make a difference, help, and support what I can with what I have. This has also brought me to two people that are part of an organization making a big difference in people’s live and am going to be able to share them here with you on my site!

I was following the Supernatural convention in Jacksonville Florida in January and came across Attitudes in Reverse an organization the opens up the conversation about mental health awareness. I liked there merchandise of a Moose and Squirrel which is what the characters (Sam and Dean) are sometimes referred as in the show. I looked into their organization and liked what I saw. A few weeks later a Twitter friend Kat said she had partnered with AIR [Attitudes in Reverse] and wanted to bring an exhibit to the Phoenix Convention. I jumped for joy and the chance to see how my site and I can possibly help with there goal for the convention.
Example of a pair of shoes for the exhibit
The exhibit they are bringing to the Phoenix Convention is “In Their Shoes” a powerful exhibit of shoes with thoughts of those that have left early or are struggling and thoughts that have crossed their mind. The goals of the In Their Shoes Exhibit "To let those who struggle know that they are not alone in their thoughts, there are others out there struggling with the same issues." That is coming from Tricia one of the founders of AIR. I have picked up a few pairs of shoes for the exhibit from fellow geeky friends, and my sisters have even donated a pair. AIR is not only raising funds for the exhibit but also to bring awareness to others and start the conversation.

I have had the opportunity to interview two people that have been with the SPN Family for a while not only as fans but ones making a difference in lives and spreading awareness about mental health and suicide. This is the first of the three posts, next will be the interview post with Kat who is now in charge of the Phoenix Arizona Chapter for AIR. The third post will be with one of the founders of AIR Tricia, I am so excited to have them on my site and be able to share the work they are doing.

The Supernatural Convention is making its way to Phoenix Arizona in June. I am hoping to attend this event, whether it be as a volunteer or even buying a general pass to the event. This will be my first Supernatural convention and am looking forward to meeting some SPN family members and maybe some cast members. Thank you Kat and Tricia for this opportunity!

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