Staying Zen at SDCC: Its possible

San Diego Comic Con is next week! There is so much information going out right now that trying to obtain it all has been a challenge for me. Taking a second to Zen at comic con may seem impossible but it is needed. Zen is taking a moment to gather your thoughts, reflect and breathe. Amongst all the ordered chaos and hustle and bustle at SDCC it is needed to take a second to step outside or find a minute or more to gather yourself and your thoughts. When I am walking around on the floor, making my way to an outside event, or find myself buried in the exhibitor hall for to long I need a second to go outside.
Enjoy the scenery  San Diego has so many great views! There are some areas like the sails pavilion that you can go outside and see panoramic views. You can see the Coronado bridge, the marina, trees, Coronado Island it beautiful. Seaport Village is 2 steps away from the convention center, as well as the Embarcadero Park that you can site on the grass and gaze upon the water. If you want to venture out farther, don’t forget the piers, Balboa Park just walking around downtown away from the crowd.
Take the Ferry  This is if you feel like taking more then 5 minutes to Zen, I would say take the ferry across the bay. The sites are so beautiful and you can really get away from the crowd for a few minutes and gather your thoughts, and savor the awesome moments you have had so far. It only cost a few dollars but is totally worth it for the experience. The last time I went on a trip, the driver had seen a dolphin and was waiting awhile in the water to see if it would come back around.
Eat and Drink I always forget to eat at comic con, who has time to eat while you are busy having fun. Aside from the numerous restaurants that downtown San Diego offers, there is also areas along seaport village that offer a bite to eat or you can take the ferry and go to Coronado side and get some food. This allows time to think up your next battle plan, refuel and discuss the glory that SDCC has to offer you, if all else fails grab a coffee and sit on the beach for a few!
Check out history this may seem boring but I love history, and San Diego has plenty that’s not even that far from the convention center. Seaport Village, has memorials such as the Bob Hope Memorial, the USS Midway. Balboa park has the Air and Space Museum previously known as the Aerospace Museum, and so much more. These are so fun for me and even offer great photo ops, it also reminds me what has been done at least here state side, that we have the freedom to enjoy such an event.
Connect I myself have a hard time doing this as my being an introvert kicks in, but where else am I going to have the chance to talk to 100,000 people? When you are taking a moment to yourself and someone else strolls, up engage! Talk to them connect I am sure you will get the vibe if they want to talk or not, if they are hangry just leave them be, but all else talk. Pass a card, talk about your experiences and so on, you could be making a new friend or even a connection.
I have found are nice ways to zen, last year was the first year I have ever went with a friend. We took the time to zen together, taking a second to appreciate our friendship and talk about his first SDCC. Some zen moments are quick and some take more than a few minutes but always worth it.
 What are some ways you Zen at SDCC or a Comic Con? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.
Until next time, Watchtower over & out.

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