Mission Objectives: September 2016

That phase of thinking to much and not doing has hit me, I wanted to take a que from some fellow content creators and have this as a new piece on my site. I have had so many ideas lately and thoughts that go out into the verse but have yet to see any action, that or I write it up and it stays shelved for awhile. There is a lull, a lull in time it takes when I am working on a masterpiece post, that I can only hope at least one actual human being will read. This will help me put my ideas (even if some are classified) not only into the universe, but document it an add some accountability.

I was trying to see what I could really get accomplished, that way I did not bite off more than I can chew for my first post. I have come to terms with something I think I can really do this month and if all else looking forward to. One of the goals is for a new project something I am really excited about and hoping it goes well, or at least know what to do and what not to do next time. I have also decided rather than simply saying goals, I wanted to sound more like I am in the Watchtower, or with the Avengers; lets go with Mission Objectives!

Supernatural (The TV Show) Day Celebration Post! Ok I know this isn’t really a goal but the surrounding things that I want to do in celebration of it, that would be the actual goal. This gives me a legitimate reason to post all things Supernatural all day and have no shame or scare off my followers on social media. I have some post lined up such as how to survive your first Supernatural Con or at least share my experience I had with it. Share on Twitter the few pics I took while at San Diego Comic Con when I camped out to see them.
Launch my T-shirt Campaign. I finally have all my ducks lined up in a row, any permissions I needed and making sure I was doing all the behind the scenes stuff before I said hey here it is. I am doing a T-shirt campaign to raise some funds for Dad’s medical expenses with his new heart. I did fundraising back back in 2009 when he needed a heart machine, but now we just need a little help with some things he needs daily for the time being. Not only to Help Dad’s Heart, I am hoping this will be a great launch point to do things in the future. I am hoping it will include future campaigns, sales to help the site, or even to help other organizations making a difference.
Pre Schedule Tweets I have grown to love Twitter more and more, and although it has a lot of negativity do to the world happenings, I still find it’s the one I am the most active on. I always think when you say pre schedule, it takes the mystery away on how someone can really be tweeting all times of the day. Tweeting is hard!! I want to make my presence more known, as well as following people whom I enjoy and hope they do the same. I always feel its not genuine but this day it seems like a must, especially if you have a site or brand.
Take it Post it & maybe delete it! I have a habit of  taking a picture of something I come across and wanting to share it online, yet never do. I end up posting it 100 years later, ok maybe not a hundred more like 5 years later or when it's to late. Some of the random pictures I take I can really just post on Twitter with a thought and delete, this also goes for events. I have a few coming up and have a bad habit of taking all kinds of pictures, then never really doing anything with them in the moment. I usually end up having to wait for a right time to post it again, and make it seem like fresh news. This is a main reason why I am excited for my first goal Supernatural Day celebration posts!
Those are my mission objectives I am officially setting up for myself for the month of September, I hope you will be able to join me in my ventures. If you would like to be some of the first to hear the official details about my T-shirt campaign please shoot me an email. I want to make sure everything is perfect before I make it official, but sometimes that is a gift and a curse. If you are reading these thank you and thank for your continued support. I want to thank Barb of YouFancyMeMad.com and Gladys of UsagiMylene.com fellow content creators for the inspiration of posting goals. I have not only been following them for a while now, I love reading their goals, aside from rooting for their accomplishments, some of them are motivating for me.

What are some goals you are setting for yourself this month? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.