Mission Objectives: November 2016

Hello Christmas! I mean November! There are officially two months left of 2016 and the time really does go by faster when you get older! A shame November doesn’t get as much love, one way or another I am thankful for it. I must say posting Mission Objectives for the said months has been working, although not everything is as accomplished as I would like it to be, it has been helping. Here are my Mission Objectives from October with a status report along with some new ones I have for November!  
October Mission Objectives and Status Report
Finish my T shirt Campaign: Although it would have been nice to sell a bit more, there was 10 purchased and 10 is better than 0. Thanks to the funds raised from the T shirt campaign it helped pay for one month of Dads anti rejection pills for his newly transplanted heart. A big thank you from the family and I to all who purchased, shared, retweeted you name it thank you we are very grateful!

Artist Spotlight: This months is still in the works but my first Artist Spotlight was a success! I featured my artist friends Drakey Art since they were exhibiting at Phoenix Fan Fest that recently passed on October 22 & 23rd. I am looking forward to sharing more artists I know and ones I come across.
Comment on Blogs/Websites: This I wish was a success and to be honest did not make any progress. I am ashamed to say and probably why I haven’t had a few on my site as well. I am going to continue to work on this as I love connecting with fellow content creators.
Gear up for Holiday Post/ Affiliate links: I have the, WHAT and now just need the HOW, makes sense? I have what I would like to share and some shops from creators I know and ones I have come across. I am now trying to decide how to post them? One big one? Gift Ideas for [Insert Type of fan here] ones? Now it’s a matter of formalizing it.

Mission Objectives for November!
Comment on blogs/websites: This is a continuation of the objective from October. I not only need to do better at this I have to. This is a great way to stay connected, interact and find new blogs along with content creators. When I do have time to comment on blogs, my login information for most of the comment apps are nowhere to be found in my memory. I will claim victory before the end of the year.
Post More: I had 6 posts in October! I was so proud of myself and it was not even a goal, I even managed to do a write up x2 within the same week of a small comic con ending. Along with fast wrap up posts I even had some fun ones like Wonder Woman Must haves, and Why I love the TV show Supernatural. I want to keep this momentum going for the rest of the year and go out with a bang!
Time Management Social Media: I have never really had a problem with time management, but I realize I have to better manage it when it comes to social media. I am either on it and active all day, or tumbleweeds and crickets the next. This can go with the objective of scheduling social media, but even managing time to do that gets the best of me. I either spend a lot of time trying to come up with fun original content for social media posts, or I just retweet everything I love. I need to manage the time better to have a social profile that can further my presence on the cyber webs.
Save Money: This is a horrible time of the year to start saving money, but I am going to need to for at least a month, not only to save up for December, but with medical bills for Dad, some of the fun budget is going to him as he is more important and really need to start focusing on it. That is why for the past month I have been debating on going to Tucson Comic Con, although I would love to, it is not a necessity this year and would only be able to go one day. This also includes canceling one of my subscription boxes, I am sad about it but it needs to be done. It will be nice to have a bit of spare cash for Christmas and also get in the habit for all the things I want to do in 2017.
Be thankful: I want to take time this month and not just on turkey day to recognize what I am thankful for. I am thankful for many things, and even though they should be recognized all year long, there is something about Thanksgiving that make you more aware of what those things really are. I have even thought about a write up of a few things considering 80% of them are geek-ified. I want to take time to share with everyone what some of those things are.
What are some of your mission objectives for November? How did you do in October?
Watchtower over & out!