Mission Objectives: December 2016

December is here! The last month of 2016, Christmas, Hanukkah Kwanzaa whatever is celebrated during December it is here. I had high hopes for November's Mission Objectives and pretty sure I failed at everything. I am not happy to say the F word but still, I was hoping to be a bit more productive.  Now that we are upon December here is a status (brief due to failing) of November Objectives and the ones for December!

November status report
Comment on Blogs/Websites: I have a feeling this will be on my Mission Objectives list for awhile, all though the beginning of the month I did some commenting it was not enough to say mission accomplished.
Post more: I was on a roll in October with 6 posts! I wanted to keep the momentum going but only ended up with two posts. Whoops! I had plans for gift guides, using affiliate links and so much but have learned these things need to be done months in advance for the holiday season. Especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Time Management Social Media:  I can tell this was my quietest month on Twitter since I started it a couple years ago. However I now have a side (paid) gig of helping someone with their social media and getting their website up to par, this is and will continue to help me be more disciplined in time management on social media. 
Save money:  This seems to be the one thing I did accomplish, aside from waiting almost a month to seeing Doctor Strange (saw it on Thanksgiving with Dad) and two items of clothing originally sixty dollars worth for only fifteen dollars, that was it for the month really. Those were the only “extra” items I recall purchasing last month.
Be Thankful: I was and am! I remind myself every November to be more thankful throughout the year and be more aware of it. I try, I did a quick write up on what I am thankful for, that includes anyone reading this and those return to this site all the time.
December Mission Objectives
Experience:  I have been enjoying experiencing things and being in the moment, I went to my first Christmas outing on Black Friday a tree lighting ceremony with many other festivities. I also want to find the Christmas magic again (its not just for kids).

Enjoy:  Enjoy this month, the last month of 2016! Enjoy the weather (only get 3 months of cold near my base of operations). Enjoy my parents, being blessed with another holiday season and Dad’s new heart, Enjoy decorating the tree, friendships, cyberships and the atmosphere December provides us.
Reflect: 2016 is coming to an end, I want to take time to reflect on how 2016 is going to leave me. There were amazing moments, life changing moments, relationships that have been established that will create great opportunities in 2017. Reflect on my website, and where I want to take it in 2017, the opportunities that I can create with it and so much more.
Basically enjoy this month and what I have! Thank you all for your continued support, I hope this month is fantastic for you all, and you are able to accomplish whatever you set your mind to this month.
Until next time Watchtower over & out